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Monitoring & Compliance Solutions for Financial Organisations

NICE Communication Surveillance

Communication Surveillance solution that allows users to analyse trading floor communications in real-time, including voice calls, emails, SMS, chats, and social media feeds, to proactively detect breaches of compliance.

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Accredited Supplier of NICE Communication Surveillance

Business Systems is a top tier provider of NICE Communication Surveillance, equipped with one of the few NICE Service Centres of Excellence outside of Israel and the USA.

With over 30 years expertise in providing monitoring and compliance solutions, you’ll benefit from our large team of fully qualified and accredited NICE experts. Our renowned maintenance and support post implementation is provided by a dedicated customer service support department, providing 24/7 coverage and an average response time of 24 minutes. 

NICE Communication Surveillance

NICE Communication Surveillance Benefits

  1. Maximise Protection Ensure regulatory compliance by capturing and monitoring all relevant communications including voice calls, emails, SMS, chats, and social media feeds.  
  2. Avoid Regulatory Fines – Proactively detect breaches of compliance rules or fraud by analysing, reconstructing and proactively monitoring all trade communications.  
  3. Save Time & Resources – Search intelligently through all trade communications and reduce manual errors and time spent in searching. 

Key Features

With NICE Communications Surveillance, you’ll be able to adopt a proactive approach to compliance, keeping on top of monitoring and analysing existing as well as emerging trade communication channels, including instant messaging, SMS and social media. 

  1. Investigate Module/Aggregate Data

    Aggregate and search cross-channel risk data and vital systems such as CRM’s or trade user systems. Multimedia player can graphically depict up to 50 interactions as they were recorded. 

  2. Investigate Module/Find Correlations

    Use the smart search function to find similar interactions and patterns of behaviour, based on a correlational algorithm, that might indicate compliance risk. 

  3. Investigate Module/Trade Reconstruction

    Download complete scenarios in a zipped HTML file which can be sent to regulators and other departments. 

  4. Observe Module/Risk Models

    Highlights interactions with a risk score above a defined threshold, with the ability to review and explore these interactions and confirm/reject potential risks.

  5. Observe Module/Random Sampling

    Ability to review a random subset of interactions, based on a filter query and other specified parameters. 

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