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Call Recording

NICE Inform

Suite of modular applications for incident information management, NICE Inform records, captures, and performs Quality Assurance (QA) evaluations on all multimedia interactions between the public, emergency centres and first responders.  

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Accredited Supplier of NICE Inform

Business Systems is a top tier provider of NICE Inform, equipped with  one of the few NICE Service Centres of Excellence outside of Israel and the USA. 

With a strong heritage in providing call recording software to the public sector including organisations such as Cumbria Health on Call and NHS Digital, you’ll benefit from over 30 years’ worth of expertise and the largest NICE certified voice recording engineering resource base, to ensure a seamless installation and integration with our suite of NICE Call Recording products.

NICE Inform Call Recording

Why Businesses Use NICE Inform

  1. Capture All Communications – Uses CAD data to instantly find all 911, radio and text calls associated with incidents for investigations and to perform Quality Assurance (QA) evaluations.
  2. Gain Clearers Insights – Ability to use precise location data to search for incident recordings and gain even clearer insights into what happened during an incident, such as how and where it happened.
  3. Make Smarter Decisions Faster – See performance metrics and proactively identify issues earlier with NICE Inform Elite’s intelligence dashboards.
  4. Enhance Performance, Monitoring & Training – Capture all multimedia interactions to meet your performance targets and improve emergency response.

Key Features

With NICE Inform, you’ll be able to understand incidents in terms of – what happened, how it happened, what is happening now and who & what is, or isn’t performing, helping you ensure all mission critical communications are being captured, stored and evaluated on.

  1. Inform Multimedia Recorder

    Log analog, digital and VoIP calls, radio traffic, screen recordings, text-to-911, videos, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) data and locations from geographic information systems and integrates with other sources.

  2. Inform Reconstruction

    Rapidly collate and synchronize isolated multimedia communications and data from multiple channels.

  3. Inform Organiser

    Store incident evidence such as photos, audio, third party documents and video files in centralised folders with secure access for authorised personnel such as investigators.

  4. Inform Intelligence Centre

    Consolidate data to provide real-time views of performance such as call volumes and on-scene response times with access to web-based dashboards from PCs and mobile devices.

  5. Inform Evaluator

    Allows evaluation of all interactions ranging from single interactions to complex multimedia incidents involving multiple channels, interactions, and people.

  6. Inform Reporter

    Customisable call volume and evaluation reports.

  7. Inform Monitor

    Real-Time monitoring of multiple channels and automatic recent call replay of the last call.

  8. Inform Health Manager

     Enables device and user activity monitoring to track, visualise and alert to specific events, based on predefined rules that categorise event types and initiate the appropriate response directed to users.

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NICE Inform Call Recording