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NICE inContact CXone Customer Analytics

Designed to transform operations while ensuring compliance and quality, NICE inContact CXone Customer Analytics, provides consolidated reporting and insights to turn into results.

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Supplier of Choice for NICE inContact CXone Customer Analytics

Business Systems is a contact centre solutions specialist and NICE inContact’s delivery partner of choice. As one of the first NICE inContact partners in Europe to adopt the platform, our large team of technical experts have over 30 years’ worth of experience in contact centre optimisation and cloud technologies.

Powerful cloud contact centre customer analytics software, which forms part of the functionality  included in NICE inContact CXone can turn insights into results with relevant and intelligible data allowing your business to grow productivity and transform the customer experience.

Information can even be customised based on your contact centre roles (eg executive, business analyst or agent etc.) making CXone Customer Analytics both valuable and easy to use.

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Why Businesses Use NICE inContact CXone Customer Analytics

  1. Marketing Efficiency – Customer Analytics allows your business to focus on the individual customer taking your marketing analysis to the next level. Knowing which marketing channels bring the highest value customers in terms of order size, retention rate and profitability allows you to cut marketing costs or expand your reach more efficiently.
  2. Customer Retention – Customer acquisition can prove costly, therefore, understanding what causes customers to leave is vital. Customer analysis can help you recognize common denominators among lost customers and give you an early indication that existing customers may be in danger of leaving if you don’t take action.
  3. Increased Sales – Understanding customer purchasing decisions is the key to increasing sales. NICE inContact CXone Customer Analytics can be used to identify factors that impact sales. This could include how customer service interactions are handled or whether you have a minimum order or bundled discount.
  4. Improved Profit Margins – Not all customers are equal. Some customers are more profitable than others. Factors that affect customer profitability include order size, cost of handling the order and time spent servicing.  Focus on the best areas to spend or save to receive the greatest impact.
  5. Drive Decisions with data – Improve the speed and outcome of decisions with the data collected.  Make sure agents use the most relevant data to make the smartest decisions and face the actual drivers of business outcomes (eg. customer satisfaction), building lasting improvements.
  6. Gain Insights from every Interaction – All customer interactions, unstructured included can provide valuable insights.  Analyse every interaction to help figure out where and how to improve business operations.

Key Features

With CXone Customer Analytics, you’ll develop measurable insights and understanding of the customer as well as a suite of other features, helping you deliver best in class customer experience. Here are some of the features available within NICE inContact CXone Customer Analytics:

  1. Interaction Analytics

    Analyze interactions to understand drivers of positive and negative business outcomes; operational trends; employee engagement and performance; and alleviate risk by remaining compliant.

  2. Reporting

    Enjoy pre-built or custom reports to access detailed data summaries via a secure real-time connection.

  3. Feedback Management

    Make use of detailed customer insights to obtain a full view of the customer journey and opportunities to improve in order to get the best business outcomes.

  4. Dashboards

    Get meaningful results immediately with reports, dashboards, user security profiles and integrated data sources designed to provide and share performance metrics you need, relieving the need to implement and maintain data connections to third-party ACDs, contributing to cost savings and data efficiency.

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