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Wordwatch Call Recording Business Insight

Flexible Business Intelligence dashboard designed to help visualise voice metadata held within the Wordwatch solution, allowing users to create dashboards and reports for required management or compliance needs.

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Expert Providers of Wordwatch Business Insights Reporting

Business Systems developed Wordwatch Business Insights to provide centralised reporting on call recording/voice metadata to equip organisations with dashboards, KPIs and valuable analytics. Armed with real-time data and insights, businesses can quickly respond to business & compliance issues as well as identify hidden opportunities, allowing them to ‘work smarter, not harder’. 

With all call recording metadata in one location, users can unlock valuable insight buried within their call recording systems.  The dashboard provides easy to understand visual analytics, real-time reports and BI analysis without the need to extensively customise reports and will ensure data anomalies are easily identified.  

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Why Businesses Use Wordwatch Business Insights Reporting

  1. Gain Valuable Insights into your Call Recording Data The provision and analysis of data delivers actionable insights for your organisation. 
  2. Immediate Access to Key Metrics – Allows organisations to gain quick, easy and immediate access to voice data metrics. 
  3. Quick and easy Consolidation of Voice/Call Data – Automated reporting allows organisations to consolidate data from multiple recorders and decrease the time spent putting information together. 
  4. Reduce Risk – Mitigates risk by quickly responding to compliance issues highlighted on the report dashboard 
  5. Provides an Accurate Picture – Provides organisations with an accurate and holistic view of their voice metadata and allow for data anomalies to be quickly identified.

Key Features

With Wordwatch Business Insights you will benefit from access to valuable analytics to help you unlock the value in your communications data.

  1. Dashboard

    Flexible dashboard which allows you to visualise metadata held within the Wordwatch system for management aPowerful voice extraction tool designed to extract voice recordings in bulk and ingest data regardless of underlying voice recording system/location.

  2. Data Mining

    Seek patterns, identify trends and draw insights from your data.

  3. Evolving Channels

    Data can be reported on from evolving channels and capture systems, and ingested into one central interface. 

  4. 3rd Party Data

    Displays reports linked to other 3rd party data sources.

  5. Recorder checks

    If the Call Recording Testing module is purchased, the output from the recorder checks process can also be visible as a report within the dashboard.

  6. Holistic view of data

    Allows users to gain an accurate and holistic view of all voice data.

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