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Contact Centre Call Recording

Wordwatch Call Recording Extraction

Designed to extract call recordings in bulk, Wordwatch Call Recording Extraction module ingests data regardless of underlying voice recording system/location, delivering files to the required business application e.g., trade reconstruction platform.    

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Unique Provider of Wordwatch Call Recording Extraction

Business Systems developed the Call Recording Extraction module to allow customers to quickly extract recordings in bulk to a predefined location, which can be done on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis. We have worked with some of the world’s largest banks to resolve challenges with specific extractions, drawing on our experience and expertise with a range of call recording solutions from the likes of NICE, Red Box and Verint.   

Using our unique IP, voice data can be easily accessed to feed a required application of choice, allowing organisations to fully benefit from the technology investments that have already been made.  These applications can be changed at any time with no detriment to the underlying infrastructure. For example, if an analytics solution needed changing in the future, or a new channel such as Teams needs to be captured, Wordwatch will provide bulk extraction, regardless of the application or capture engine being used.


Why Businesses Use Wordwatch Call Recording Extraction  

  1. Unlock data intelligence – Unlock the reams of intelligence held in call recording data to feed analytics platforms and improve compliance and/or the customer experience 
  2. Manage Compliance – Bulk extraction tool allows customers to feed compliance engines or transcription tools with voice data and can help with audits or investigations, avoiding potential fines 
  3. Simplify Infrastructure – Allows you to bring together several generations of call recording solutions, end-of life and new systems into one single point of access to simplify the voice infrastructure  
  4. Scalable – Scheduled or forensic bulk extraction, allows call data to be fed to a target application with scalability on throughput requirements to deliver 100,000’s of calls within required timeframes
  5. Future Proof – Ability to easily connect to future capture engines or applications through the use of open APIs 
  6. Data Integrity – Wordwatch Call Extraction allows you to keep your voice data in its original format to ensure integrity and validity is not diminished, but can also extract in industry standard formats 
  7. Stay ahead of the competition – Ability to record and capture evolving channels such as SMS, MS Teams etc. 

Key Features

With Wordwatch Call Recording Extraction, you will benefit from quick and easy access to voice recording data, to help you unlock the intelligence within 

  1. Multi-Vendor

    Allows voice communication data from any voice recording vendor to be extracted to a required application such as analytics, surveillance, transcription and reporting

  2. Evolving Channels

    Conversations taking place in Teams, Cisco, Unigy etc. can be ingested live to one central interface and new channels can be added to existing infrastructures ready for extraction

  3. One Single Point of Access

    Recordings from multiple systems and multiple vendors in multiple locations, can be captured from your live or legacy data ready for extraction whether held on-premise or in the cloud 

  4. Scheduler

    Extraction facility supports scheduled daily extraction in bulk which can be automated to requirements e.g., daily to a compliance platform or analytics engine 

  5. Full Audit Trail

    If required a full audit trail of the data import and insertion process can be provided to show data transferred has not been lost  

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