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Verint Intelligent Call Recording

Verint Intelligent Call Recording

Verint Intelligent Call Recording, previously known as Verint Impact 360 Recording, is an Omnichannel Interaction Recording solution, presenting all interaction attributes in one place, to listen, view, analyse and take action.

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Accredited Supplier of Verint Intelligent Call Recording


As a preferred Verint Call Recording provider, Business Systems ensures customers are meeting their business needs using Verint Intelligent Call Recording, designed to  capture, index, archive and retrieve voice, video, and text interactions across multiple channels and advanced unified communication platforms.   

Verint Intelligent Call Recording is unified with other products within the Verint Workforce Optimisation portfolio, such as Enterprise Workforce Management, Desktop and Process Analytics, and Speech Analytics. The unification simplifies administration and delivers unique, pre-built, business process workflows, to quickly show why and how interactions are being handled by employees. 

With over 30 years’ worth of Workforce Optimisation expertise, we understand the true value of recording within an organisation, which goes far beyond recording and storing voice data, to defining the way business operations are being led – from the technology, people and processes in order to guide compliance, business insights, customer journeys and quality. 

Verint Intelligent Call Recording

Why Businesses Use Verint Intelligent Call Recording

  1. Capture All Communications: Captures voice, video, and text interactions across multiple channels – including PBX, VoIP, chat, digital collaboration, email, mobile voice/ SMS, trading turrets, and face-to-face – via a single recording solution.  
  2. Support Staff Performance: Help staff quickly locate and retrieve key data, to help enhance compliance, reduce liability and support customer engagement management.  
  3. Drive Business Decisions: Share insights into customer and staff behaviour throughout your business, to help drive strategic decision making.  
  4. Meet Compliance and Security Requirements: Enables true end-to-end encryption that protects data as it is recorded, moved to archive, or retrieved during replay. 
  5. Scalable Call Recording Solution: Support thousands of channels and multiple sites and recorders across your enterprise, with a single point of administration and open standards storage.  

Key Features

Verint Intelligent Call Recording, can help your business navigate the complexity of today’s evolving customer experience landscape, extracting actionable intelligence from voice data to drive compliance, quality, and customer experience innovation. 

  1. Encryption Management

    Verint Intelligent Call Recording uses AES-256 with true end-to-end encryption, protecting data as it is recorded, moved to archive, or retrieved during replay. 

  2. Speech Processing

    Incorporates the power of speech processing for automatic call disposition, with faster, more accurate search, replay, and reporting by key call topic.

  3. Captures All Employee Interactions

    Captures employee screen data and keystrokes passively, either concurrently during the interaction, or standalone during back-office user activities.

  4. Verint Workforce Optimisation Suite Integrations

    Works seamlessly with other solutions within the suites, such as Verint Quality Management, Verint Workforce Management, Verint Speech Analytics, and more.

  5. Reporting Dashboards

    Context driven dashboards and intuitive reporting.  

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Verint Intelligent Call Recording