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BSL partnership with this year’s Nurture programme

Nurturing the future minds of Data Science as Business Systems joins the student Nurture programme

Author Nadya Ahmed

Business Systems are delighted to announce our partnership with this year’s Nurture programme which aligns very closely with our core ‘People First’ value.

The partnership, provided by data specialist, Eden Smith Group is an education programme which partners universities and businesses like Business Systems to create a hybrid internship opportunity. We hope to foster an environment where students from the programme can play to their strengths, do interesting work, achieve their full potential and enjoy the journey. An investment in the future of data science. 

Adam Kantor, CEO of Business Systems said: “Our collaboration with Nurture’s post-graduate students is one between industry and academia which offers us a unique opportunity to mentor and work with the future generation of data leaders, nurturing them as they transfer and apply some of their academic experience and develop their proficiencies while adding value to our projects and our processing of data.”

We’ve earmarked some exciting live projects which will be used to inform their dissertations and contribute valuable industry, real-world experience as they get to study real business data. 

Notes to Editors

For further information or press contact relating to Business Systems, please contact Nadya Ahmed, Head of Marketing, nadya.ahmed@nadya