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NICE Real-Time Authentication

NICE Real-Time Authentication uses voice biometrics to authenticate and confirm that customers are who they purport to be when calling into the contact or customer service centre.

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Why Business Choose NICE Real-Time Authentication

Rather than facing a barrage of security questions which lengthens call times and frustrates customers, NICE Real-Time Authentication uses voice print matching to enrol and match customers to their own stored voiceprint.

Using more than 50 physical and behavioural traits such as pronunciation, speed of speech, accent, mouth shape and size, a unique identification can then be made of every customer and run against a voiceprint captured and stored from previous call recordings the customer has made.

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NICE Real-time Authentication Overview

NICE Real-time Authentication has the potential to significantly reduce average handle time on each call by negating security questions as well as reducing operational costs by streamlining the authentication process.

  1. Voice Biometrics Engine – uses natural conversation in real time without being reliant on specific phrases to accurately identify individuals. 
  2. Context and Telephony Analytics – uses IVR events, caller geo-location, automatic number identification (ANI) matching and other contextual data to create dynamic security questions.
  3. Threshold Parameters – enables an organisation to determine an acceptable percentage of authentication they want to achieve when matching customer voice against the voiceprint.
  4. Real-Time Decisioning and Guidance– system automatically notifies the agent if the caller has been positively identified  or whether further authentication measures are required. 
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Why Choose Business Systems?

At Business Systems, our heritage in providing business transformational technology to financial service organisations and contact centres, has positioned us as an independent workforce optimisation leader, ensuring our customers utilise technology such as RPA to see a visible return on investment and to drive their business operations forward.  

  1. We have solved complex challenges for our customers in the workforce optimisation space 
  2. We are independent and will advise and implement the best fit solutions for our customers’ needs 
  3. Our breadth of knowledge and expertise is extensive, and we have one of the largest workforce optimisation teams in the UK.  
  4. We’re always two steps ahead and can help map employee activities and processes, to identify automation opportunities for immediate and long-term optimisation.
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