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Real Time Customer Feedback

Business Systems provides Real Time Customer Feedback technology, which delivers insights into customers’ emotions, matches that feedback to customer data, and analyses it to improve customer experience and loyalty.


Real Time Customer Feedback Solutions That Work For You

At Business Systems, we partner with industry leading solution providers, as well as developing our own software, to implement best-suited technology solutions, tailored to an organisation’s specific requirement, to boost the customer experience, improve operations and cut costs. Many organisations understand that to improve efficiency, particularly in the contact centre, an organisation must first find out what their customers think about their existing service levels, operations, and customer service, and how these can be improved. Our Real Time Customer Feedback solutions provide the mechanism for capturing this information, helping customers deliver experiences that increase customer satisfaction, experience, loyalty, and advocacy.

real time customer feedback

Why Choose Business Systems?

  1. With one of the largest Workforce Optimisation (WFO) teams in the UK, our understanding of how to deliver exceptional customer experience and drive operational efficiency within organisations is extensive.  
  2. Over 30 years of experience in helping organisations improve productivity, cut costs and improve customer experiences 
  3. Real Time Customer Feedback solutions deployed and used across many contact centres  
  4. Dedicated customer service support department 
  5. 24/7/365 service delivery capability
  6. 60% of company personnel operate in the Professional Services division

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