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Contact Centre Workforce Management (WFM) Solutions

Red Box Quantify QM

Red Box Quantify Quality Management (QM) is a quality management package enabling users to manage call assessment, management, reporting, coaching and performance within contact centres of all sizes to improve the customer experience.

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Accredited Supplier of Red Box Quantify QM 

Business Systems is a top tier provider of Red Box Quantify QM. With one of the largest Workforce Optimisation teams in the UK and one of the largest engineering resource bases skilled and qualified to use the software, you’ll enjoy a seamless installation and integration of your Red Box Quantify QM solution.  

For many organisations, personalising the customer experience, reducing operational cost and improving employee engagement is a top priority – and this is where Quantify Quality Management (QM), from Red Box comes in, providing a comprehensive set of tools and automated workflows to monitor call quality and proactively manage performance. 

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Why Businesses Use Red Box Quantify QM 

  1. Improve Quality – Evaluate the quality of service and key performance measures including first time resolution (FTR), call handling times and compliance adherence.  
  2. Improve Customer Experience – Enhances the customer experience with improved insights taken from targeted reports and analysis. 
  3. Performance & Coaching – Identify areas of improvement and shape coaching pathways for individuals or departments and highlight organisation wide improvement areas to drive operational efficiency and performance. 

Key Features

With Red Box Quantify QM, you’ll be able to improve quality of service, optimise operational performance and analyse voice data for business insights, to ensure your customer experience becomes a key differentiator for your organisation. 

  1. Workflow Management

    Automatically select high value calls – schedule and assign them to the right supervisor for evaluation using custom evaluation forms and criteria. 

  2. Reporting

    Ability to summarise and visualise evaluation data with targeted reports which can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly. 

  3. Automatic Sampling

    Ability to automatically sample recordings to ensure managers/team leaders can conduct random custom employee assessments and track overall standards with built in reports.  

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