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NICE Robotic Automation (RPA)

Comprehensive Advanced Process Automation (APA) platform, delivering unattended Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and attended real-time employee support through NEVA – the NICE Employee Virtual Attendant.

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Dedicated Supplier of NICE Robotic Automation (RPA)

Business Systems is a top tier provider of NICE Robotic Automation (RPA). Equipped with one of the few NICE Service Centres of Excellence outside of Israel and the USA and having been one of their first partners in the UK back in 1993, we have since established ourselves as a leading NICE solutions expert.  

With NICE RPA, you’ll benefit from improved customer service and elimination of mundane tasks, leaving employees to focus on productivity – not processing. It’s been proven time and again that by using RPA, our customers have transformed their workforce by driving greater operational and cost efficiencies.

Robotic Process Automation

Why Businesses Use NICE Robotic Automation (RPA) 

  1. Increased Efficiency – Increased operational efficiency for both the front and Back-offices.
  2. Increased Productivity – Software robots can complete routine, repetitive and rule-based processes 5 times faster than people and can work 24/7. 
  3. Improved Employee Engagement – With a robotic personal assistant, employees are aligned and kept up to speed with guidance on new processes and regulations. 
  4. Boost Employee Potential – By automating routine and mundane tasks, employees are freed up to focus on more interesting and high value work. 
  5. Supports Home Working – Supports continued remote and home-working trends, helping to maintain service consistency and process efficiency. 
  6. Increased Customer Satisfaction – Through the use of NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant), employees are empowered with next best action guidance and quick links to relevant screens and customer data. 
  7. Increased Accuracy – 100% accuracy, 100% consistency and 100% policy compliance. 
  8. Improved Resource Utilisation – Employees can focus on handling unstructured, customer focused problem-solving activities. 
  9. Rapid ROI – Enjoy rapid ROI, with significant operating cost reductions. 
  10. Reliable – With health check reporting, the robot client will automatically restart in the event of failure. 
  11. Scalable – Highly scalable solution that allows you to add robots as and when you need them to manage peak periods.

Key Features

With NICE Robotic Process Automation, you can build tomorrow’s workforce and enjoy the full value of automation with the following features:  

  1. NEVA

    The NICE Employee Virtual Attendant for employee guidance allows employees to access real-time contextual guidance, with quick links to applications.

  2. Automation of Routine Desktop Activities

    Routine desktop activities are automated including  applications launch, mouse selections, field entries, copy/paste, template auto-fill and calculations.

  3. Third-party Integration

    Integrate with your CRM, finance or home-grown solutions, to reduce handling times and automate cross application desktop activities.

  4. Connectivity

    Extensive connectivity options including Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

  5. Reporting

    Offers comprehensive reporting and business intelligence capability.

  6. Central Control System

    Monitor and manage task queues and process execution.

  7. Real-Time Alerts

    Alerts can be sent to supervisors to communicate issues that require urgent attention either via a dashboard, email or other.

  8. Attended & Unattended Automation

    Automate structured and repetitive tasks with unattended automation or use attended automation where parts of a process can be performed by a person and parts automated by a robot.

  9. Automation Finder Capabilities

    With built-in AI and desktop analytics, this functionality can help pinpoint and recommend processes for automation by analysing millions of desktop tasks. 

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