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Calabrio Analytics

Unlock the intelligence in your data with Calabrio Analytics to build customer-centric strategies that solve challenges and add business value across the organisation.

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Transform your Contact Centre with Calabrio Analytics

Business Systems is a top tier provider of Calabrio Analytics, where our partnership with Calabrio, allows us to help customers unlock the intelligence in their voice recordings and other customer interactions. With Calabrio analytics, organisations can take raw customer interactions and turn it into usable data, to help spot issues as they emerge, be alerted to trends as they happen, and anticipate customer wants and needs. 

 With Calabrio Analytics, organisations can transform their contact centre into a hub of customer intelligence – and use that intelligence to build customer-centric strategies that solve challenges and add business value across the entire organisation. 

According to statistics, the average organisation analyses just 2% of all customer interactions. However, with Calabrio Analytics, you can analyse 100% of call recordings to help fuel agent engagement and outstanding customer experiences.

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Why Businesses Use Calabrio Analytics 

  1.  Improve Metrics that Matter – Evaluate and analyse every interaction and workflow to boost performance metrics and drive smarter efficiencies.
  2. Deliver Outstanding CX – Recognise customers anywhere in the omnichannel journey and delight them with predictive service. 
  3. Improve Agent Engagement – Drive constant improvement with your agents by providing immediate feedback, setting benchmarks, and encouraging competition. 
  4. Remain Compliant – Simplify compliance and mitigate risk with automatically monitored script adherence to identify issues. 
  5. Accelerate Sales – Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. 
  6. Refine Marketing Strategy – Build customer profiles and refine your messaging by listening directly to your customers. 
  7. Build Customer-Centric Strategies – Use data to create competitive strategies, refine product offerings, and make investments into what your customers want. 

Key Features

With Calabrio Analytics you can capture and transform your data to drive your contact centre forward, with features including:

  1. One Consolidated Suite

    Comprehensive speech/voice, desktop, and text analytics in a single unified offering. 

  2. Agent/Desktop Activity

    Gain visibility into what  agents are doing and connect that activity to results.

  3. Sophisticated Phonetics Engine

    Enhanced voice analytics transforms call audio into a sequence of sounds to enable more accurate searching of keywords and phrases, even recognising acronyms, product names, slang and dialect.

  4. Seamless Integration

    Capture customer journeys with seamless integration to your comms and CRM systems, to support  omnichannel customer experience.

  5. Speech-To-Text Engine

    Create a written record and detailed analysis of every phone conversation with speech transcription.

  6. Text Analytics

    Analyse extra insights from the written word including email, chats, social media, surveys, and other text-based interactions.

  7. Out of the Box Tools

    Gain instant insights with pre-configured tools such as Sentiment Analysis, Predictive Net Promoter Score (NPS), Predictive Evaluations and Agent Benchmarking.

  8. Reporting & Dashboards

    Widget-based dashboards, interactive charts, and rich data visualisation to illustrate the customer journey.

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