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Teleopti Cloud Based Workforce Management & Workforce Planning

Teleopti Cloud Based Workforce Management

Teleopti Cloud Based Workforce Management (now known as Calabrio Teleopti Workforce Management), delivers WFM in the cloud, providing powerful scheduling and forecasting for all contact centre resource planning and workforce planning needs.

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Teleopti WFM provider

Business Systems is a top tier provider of Teleopti  Workforce Management, partnering with Calabrio Teleopti, to deliver WFM in the cloud. Much like the on-premise Workforce Management version, Teleopti WFM cloud features fully automated, accurate and efficient forecasting and scheduling, enabling contact centres to plan and manage workforce planning operations, engage employees and enhance customer experiences.   

With one of the largest independent workforce optimisation (WFO) team of consultants, and with our long standing relationship with Calabrio Teleopti, our team are the best fit to ensure that Teleopti Cloud Workforce Management, will be adopted optimally into an organisation, according to requirements and business KPIs, such as boosting customer satisfaction scores or hitting service level targets.  

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By implementing Teleopti WFM Cloud, organisations are better suited to hit these KPIs, with the ability to forecast and plan for short, long-term and seasonality planning, whilst also considering multi-skill and multichannel forecasting. Organisations are also able to monitor, react and adjust schedules with scheduling optimisation, ensuring they do not overstaff or understaff. Lastly, with Teleopti Cloud Based Workforce Management, contact centres can boost employee engagement with self-scheduling and self-service workforce planning functionality, along with the ability to clearly communicate current plans or changes in schedules to the workforce, with instant alerts, text notifications and calendar syncs.  

teleopti cloud based WFM

Why Businesses Use Teleopti Calabrio Cloud Based Workforce Management

  1. No Hardware – No investment needed in server hardware and software licenses, such as SQL or Windows Server.  
  2. Employee Engagement – Nurture and empower employees with self-service WFM modules including self-scheduling, automated holiday requests and shift trading.  
  3. Scalability – Easily add or remove users to the workforce management suite to suit seasonal or other business requirements.   
  4. Flexibility – Certified CC/CX connectors to all major contact centre and customer experience platforms for automated transfer of contact data to Teleopti Cloud WFM.  
  5. Clear Visibility of the Workforce – Detect and correct problems immediately with real-time adherence, particularly useful during agent remote working.  
  6. Easy Accessibility – Access Calabrio Teleopti WFM from any device, any location.  
  7. Reporting – Gain a clear picture of your contact centre resource planning operations, with over 30 standard reports covering forecasting, scheduling accuracy and employee performance.  

Key Features

With Teleopti Cloud Based Workforce Management, you’ll engage your employees, boost customer experience and monitor and manage service performance of both real-time activities and past results, in order to drive workforce engagement, digital transformation, and operational excellence within your organisation.

  1. WFM Forecasts

    Multi-skill and multichannel forecasting capability for short and long-term workforce planning, as well as trends and seasonality analyses.

  2. WFM Schedules

    Multi-skill scheduling optimisation for effective workforce planning which considers work-hour legislation, preference based scheduling, demand and more.

  3. WFM Intraday Management

    Ability to provide detailed analysis of traffic, performance and staffing down to interval level.

  4. WFM Gamification

    Engage employees with badges and scorecards and reward top-performers.

  5. WFM Vacation Planner

    Enable agents to book absences autonomously via MyTime portal/app and receive manual or automated approvals, denials, or waitlist notifications, based on pre-defined business rules.  

  6. WFM Shift Trading

    Enables agents to view, evaluate and trade available shifts (whilst maintaining staffing level requirements) via the shift trade board available in the MyTime employee portal/app.

  7. WFM Overtime Management

    Allow agents to enter their overtime availability via MyTime, creating a resource pool for planners when needed and enable frontline staff to see via self-service sidebars when overtime is likely to be available.

  8. WFM Self-Scheduling

    Allow agents to move lunches and breaks with parameters set by management, meaning zero managerial intervention is required, with no impact on customer service levels.

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