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10 Valuable Tips On Call Quality Monitoring

5 min read
Author Triana Atallah
Date Apr 29, 2015
Category Quality Monitoring

A number of valuable insights were shared as a result of the webinar we hosted with Call Centre Helper on Best Practices in Call Quality Monitoring.  Thanks to our brilliant speakers and enthusiastic audience participation, the team came away with some golden tips on call quality monitoring that we wanted to share with you.

1. Have a group of agents that are quality advocates, middlemen between quality and agents. They can provide feedback both ways and suggest improvements to get the whole contact centre involved- Thanks Neil10.

2. Use 5 minutes at the beginning of an agents shift to review calls from the previous day. This way, the call is fresh in everyone’s memory and the feedback provided much more beneficial! – Thanks Rob9

3. Always remember to distinguish between a coaching session (asking your agents good quality questions and really drawing their answers out) and a feedback session (advising your agents on their performance) – Thanks Carolyn Blunt, Real Results Training

4. At the end of each feedback session use a ‘Stop, Start and Continue’ structure. This allows agents to set their own goals also to take ownership of them – Thanks Deon2.

5. Encourage advisors to score their own call/interaction before each session. That way you can compare notes with each other – make sure these notes are not inked but pencilled in! – Thanks Carolyn Blunt, Real Results Training.

6. Rather than guessing what will motivate your agents, ask them! What will motivate you to do better? – Thanks Tom Bukht, Business Systems

7. Listen not just to the conversation between the agent and your customer. Try listening to the customer journey through the IVR – What you will uncover could be fascinating! – Thanks Jonty Pearce, Editor of Call Centre Helper.

8. Don’t select calls at random! Find targeted calls that will be extremely valuable for business insight. This can be achieved through simple technologies such as a scaled down word search option or a hybrid QM & Analytics tool. Explore your options and make sure you are evaluating the right calls!– Thanks Tom Bukht, Business Systems

9. Use analytics to find out what issues you may have on specific topics. Create training courses around these to reflect the findings – Thanks Vivien1

10. Remove scores entirely. Our evaluation form is divided into two main sections – Customer Experience and Business Solutions. Under each of these categories list strengths and opportunities. There is also a WOW section for associates who go over the top in educating the customer – Thanks Dianne1 (Call Centre Helpers winning tip!).

If this article has whet your appetite for quality monitoring insights, then watch the replay of our webinar for even more golden nuggets of information for you to take away.