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Contact Centre Technology

2016 – A year for change? Top leaders in the industry share their thoughts.

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jan 14, 2016
Category Call Recording Technology

A quick re-cap of 2015 showed us that it was an important year for the Financial Services Market in understanding the significance of data retention for future regulation, with organisations considering a number of different solutions to ensure compliance needs are still being met.

In the Customer Service world, we witnessed a continuing move towards customer centricity and experience, as well as a heightened desire to empower and engage employees for improved delivery and performance.
We’ve now moved on to 2016 – so what are some of the new and emerging trends we can expect to see this year?

We asked some of our valued partners to offer insight in to what they believe is to come in the year ahead.


The implementation of MiFID II in 2017 is a key date in the progressive evolution of enhanced market surveillance, particularly with regards to recording, monitoring and analysing voice communications. Whilst that deadline does not technically require an integrated solution to be put in place in time, many firms are considering the NICE compliance solutions for complying with MiFID II in 2016, given the increasing regulatory momentum and the speed of technological change.


There is still some hesitation on the part of many organizations about moving into the Cloud – what, with WikiLeaks and digital espionage making the headlines. Yet, despite this, we are now seeing even large enterprises moving their contact-center technology into the Cloud. The impact of the cloud is growing worldwide, and is already huge in the U.S. and Europe. The day cloud-distributed WFM will become commonplace, particularly where cloud adoption is still limited, is not far off.


Customers now expect to interact with organisations in the way they choose. But they will become increasingly intolerant of organisations that fail to integrate experiences across different channels.
Organisations will need to ensure they understand their customers’ channel preferences and behaviours so that whether customers use one or multiple channels it is driven by choice, not by how an organisation seeks to direct their journey.
Taken from the ICS Report: ‘Customer Service Trends – What 2016 will bring’.

Red Box Recorders

The ever-growing tide of compliance regulations will continue to be a key driver for interactive recording in 2016. For organisations to take full advantage of Unified Communications, they need to deploy recording solutions capable of capturing and analysing all forms of electronic communications and ensure business and regulatory needs are met.

Business Systems

During 2015, we have seen an increase in the interest for legacy replay solutions, interaction analytics, mobile phone recording and automated testing tools. The continuing wave of regulatory scrutiny and legislation (such as the upcoming MiFID II directive) is likely to continue this trend in 2016. Business Systems is well placed to handle these requirements because of our 27 years’ experience, our reputation and our ability to design, implement and support best-fit solutions for our customers.
For more information on how to use technology to improve your operational efficiency whilst meeting any compliance needs, get in touch.