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5 reasons why every office needs call recording software

7 min read
Author Atiq Rehman
Date Sep 25, 2014
Category Call Recording Technology

Making or receiving telephone enquiries from customers? The way you handle your sales calls has a direct impact on your bottom line. Do you know – really know – how your reps are performing over the phone? Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of each employee? Or who your best and worst performers are?

With professional call recording you get crystal clear insight and indications of where measurable improvements can be made to help with conversions. Here’s a short introduction to voice recording equipment.

1. Improve your sales techniques and conversion rates

Which staff are turning ‘maybes’ into sales? Professional call recording systems allow you to make an example of your great (and not so great) performers – hosting recordings via an online portal with handy annotations that point out what’s good or bad about each example. One more thing: let’s say you find out that 80% of your sales are being made by 20% of your team. Call recording enables you to find out what the successful 20% are doing differently, benchmarking their methods and enabling you to train all staff in them. That could transform your profits.

2. Provide consistency of service

Staff behave differently under the spotlight. But you can’t watch over them all the time. With voice recording equipment you can make sure your reps position items correctly, position your business correctly and follow agreed sales processes – every time they pick up the phone. You also get to hear the customer’s side of the conversation for the first time. So you can identify where your sales processes could be a little more customer-friendly.

3. Recruit the best, retain the best

Sales has a high churn rate when it comes to staff. Is there any way call recording can help you hang on to your best performers? Actually there is. Voice recording systems allow you to accurately allocate performance related bonuses, backed up by tangible examples of achievement. And because call recording helps you identify the patterns and characteristics of your best sellers, you can recruit more successfully too.

4. Resolve customer disputes quickly and confidently

No business is immune to customer complaints. Even organisations with the most impeccable customer service can make mistakes. Call recording gives you a failsafe to resolve disputes arising from telephone orders, such as shipment of an incorrect item or late delivery. When you have an indisputable record of every customer interaction, you can remedy cases with speed, confidence and clarity.

5. It’s not just the sales team that benefits…

Install the right voice recording equipment and your entire business benefits. HR can recruit based on the characteristics of your best sellers. Marketing get invaluable information on which sales messages are converting. Finance gets a better gauge on projected income. And procurement can more accurately forecast stock orders. Everyone wins.

In a nutshell
Making sales is the lifeblood of any commercial business. So it’s natural to seek anything you can to ratchet-up your strike rates. Think of business call recording as a coaching tool to increase call conversions. It’s easy to install, easy to use and there’s no disruption to your business while the systems are set-up. Call recording solutions can even work with employees who are out in the field or spread across multiple locations. You never have to be in the dark about telesales performance again.

For a no-obligation discussion on how the right call recording system can improve your operations, contact Business Systems now.

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