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Contact Centre Technology

5 unexpected ways call quality monitoring will help your business

6 min read
Author Brent Bischoff
Date Feb 5, 2014
Category Quality Monitoring

“Your call may be recorded for training and quality purposes.”

We’ve all heard the message dozens of times. But are businesses making the most of call recording technology? Perhaps not. In a dash to keep up with best practice or compliance, lots of contact centres implemented call recording but in some cases without fully understanding the benefits. Time for a quick primer on what’s possible.

1.Resolve more disputes, with less hassle No customer service rep or contact centre agent goes to work looking forward to handling disputes with angry callers. Unfortunately it’s often part of their job. Call quality monitoring enables you to resolve disputes faster – and with less emotional toil. Firstly, you can quickly retrieve recordings of historic interactions with the caller to validate each party’s position. (The perfect failsafe.) Secondly, when used in conjunction with entry level analytics, basic word search functionality can be used for targeted monitoring to identify the people in your team who are best at resolving disputes. You can then isolate their successful behaviours and train the rest of your team in them.

2. Leave performance targets in your wake Which performance metric matters most to you? Reducing call transfers? Quality Assurance scores? Reducing call handling times? With a half-decent quality monitoring system you can set targets and track each member of your team’s progress using an automated scoreboard system. That’s great for personal development. And because it becomes easy to identify and share best practice, you can move incrementally towards the behaviours that make your targets happen – and away from those that don’t.

3. Give your callers a better experience Of course, it’s not all about satisfying your own targets. Your caller should have a good experience while talking to you too. Shouldn’t they? Thankfully it’s a stance that many contact centres share (not least the biggest, like those run by Amazon and Virgin). That’s why they use customer metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS). Modern call quality monitoring systems can work alongside and support measurement tools like NPS and CSAT so you can easily identify the agents that are keeping your callers happy – as well as those that could do with a little extra training.

4. Stay on top with clear reporting data Recording your calls is all well and good. But searching for the right data to evaluate can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. How do you spot the trends? Modern quality monitoring packages bring a new level of clarity and accountability to the contact centre. Easy-to-digest reports can be generated automatically on your choice of metrics like call duration, improvement objectives or evaluator productivity. It helps you to grasp insightful data quickly and assists with identifying coaching needs sooner. It gives you a clear snapshot of overall performance against your targets. And it can help identify the unusual calls that you should be evaluating.

5. Influence board level strategy You can also harness the automated reporting functions of modern quality monitoring applications to influence board-level strategy within your business. And any key points can be backed up with relevant recordings from your archive. Share customer concerns. Highlight service failures. Suggest new rules of engagement. What’s more important than the discoveries your agents are making on the front line?

To find our more about the ways in which call quality monitoring can benefit your organisation contact us now or call 0800 458 2988.