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Is hosted workforce management right for you?

2 min read
Author David Evans
Date Sep 12, 2012
Category Workforce Management

In a recent webinar, centred around hosted workforce management, Business Systems hosted with Call Centre Helper, 60% of attendees stated that they still use excel spreadsheets to manage their workforce planning.

Dispelling common misconceptions and introducing the concept of how a managed service approach could work using hosted workforce management, this paper identifies how the technology is becoming increasingly accessible to all organisations regardless of size and internal resource skills.

Addressing how more flexible demand workforce planning could be rolled out at reduced cost within a hosted model, it provides best practice procurement tips and is an invaluable guide to any company considering whether or not to invest in hosted WFM.

Covering aspects such as financial viability for WFM first-timers, multi-site and disaster recovery options and ways to improve budgeting and forecasting capabilities, it gets to the heart of what to consider when investing in hosted WFM technology.

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