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A New Addition to Vocal Recorders Range – 'Vocal Conference'

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Apr 1, 2006
Category Call Recording Technology

Tele-conferencing is a well-established business tool and adding ‘call recording’ to it makes it even better. ‘Vocal Conference’ requires no hardware or software; it’s a virtual recording service that sits in the network as part of the teleconferencing bridge and that brings a whole raft of benefits to you the user.

Firstly, because it’s a service there is no capital cost, the charge is ‘pennies’ on a per-minute basis and part of the overall conference charge. Secondly, because it’s in the network you can use this facility for all your conference calls no matter where you happen to be or regardless of which phone you are using – it’s all done automatically. Thirdly, all calls are stored for you and are totally accessible via a PC across the internet; in short: – an ideal solution to verify information, provide a back up of verbal agreements or to enable absent colleagues to hear important conference call meetings first hand. That’s one more humdrum task sorted!