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Call Recording

A whole new Call Recording range offered by Business Systems

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2004
Category Featured News

The start of 2004 saw the beginning of a new chapter for Call Recording in the UK with the introduction of the ‘Vocal Recorder’ product range. What makes this product launch both unusual and appealing is that it consists of an entire product range and software suite that addresses the whole Call Recording market from full Enterprise Solutions through Mid-Market to SME’s.
We believe that Business Systems (BSL) customers will benefit from the ‘Vocal’ range through 3 main areas, those being; better value, open systems and increased competition.
Better Value: – Vocal Recorders are well-established products sold and maintained successfully throughout the world. The research and design team have a wealth of customer application knowledge and this coupled with industry standard hardware, produces feature rich products at lower cost.
Open Systems: – Open Systems provide customers with greater connectivity which leads to greater application usage and therefore greater financial payback. The Vocal philosophy is ‘open systems’ and we see this as being a major advantage to customers who really integrate Call Recording into their business strategy.
Increased Competition: – In recent years the UK has seen a major shake out of Call Recording companies. Philips and Assmann withdrew from the market and the two principal UK manufacturers Eyretel and Racal Recorders, have both been sold off and digested by larger players. So what type of choice does that leave UK customers? In the words of Paul Daniels…”not a lot”!
BSL believe that the ‘Vocal Recorder’ range will restore the status quo and provide a much needed balance to the UK Call Recording market. And as we all know, increased competition is always good for the customer.
The Penultimate Word: – BSL have fully tested the Vocal Recorder range with UK installations dating through 2003; and with a fully trained nationwide service department all of our customers wherever they are can benefit from the Vocal range.
The Final Word: – Does this mean that BSL are dropping the Nicelog and Thales ranges? Of course not, they are great products but as the sun sets on the ‘Wordnet’ series, the ‘Vocal’ range maintains a real alternative choice for UK customers.
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