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Adding On-Line storage to your Call Recorder…

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jun 10, 2006
Category Call Recording Advice

not as hard as you may think!

A common goal to all users of  a Call Recorder systems is the need to search for recorded calls against meaningful criteria and quickly recover them for replay. As long as the calls are resident in memory or HDD this is possible but once they have been archived to discreet media the process stops dead in its tracks. This generally means that calls for the last few weeks are easily recoverable whereas the process for older calls is much more time consuming. With industry trends moving towards longer retention periods this issue needs to be addressed and nothing does it better than on-line storage with NAS.

‘NAS’ (Network Attached Storage) has done wonders for call recorders, allowing recordings to be safely stored in an on-line format. Thanks to the falling cost of hardware this facility is becoming affordable to all. This means that recordings can be kept over months or years and will be instantly accessible, without having to resort to searching through tapes or DVDs. Most of today’s call recorders offer the ability to link to a NAS server and even if you have an older recorder don’t despair, special software programs have been written to perform this function so there is still a very good chance you will be able to use your existing kit.

Whatever your recording application; if you find retention times are getting longer or play back requests are on the increase then NAS is the smart way forward.

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