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Which Call Quality Monitoring Solution is best for you?

Author Business Systems UK
Category Quality Monitoring

Which Call Quality Monitoring Solution is best for you?

In your contact centre, you may be performing some type of quality monitoring (QM) or coaching of agent calls but not invested in a quality monitoring software solution yet. Without using QM software this process typically involves using manual evaluation forms and provides little reporting and statistical analysis. Investing in call centre software, such as Quality Monitoring, can greatly improve the efficiency of agent monitoring and can help your business easily and effectively identify operational issues within your contact centre.

There are many different call monitoring solutions available depending on budget, existing IT infrastructure and current QM processes. Basic QM systems will generally provide the ability to evaluate agent calls using customised evaluation forms and provide general statistical reporting. More advanced QM systems will provide advanced evaluation form options, automatic call selection for evaluation, KPI scorecards, calibration options, advanced reporting, screen recording, and audio analytics.

If you are looking to invest in QM software here are some things to consider:

What will be the main purpose for the QM software?  

QM software can be used to evaluate agent performance, customer experience and/or customer interaction lifecycle. It’s important to identify the main purpose of the system.

How well will the QM system integrate with existing IT infrastructure?  

Will it fit seamlessly with the telephony switch? Is it possible to import or export external data from your CRM system?

Evaluating different types of customer interactions?  

Do you need to evaluate different types of customer interactions (telephone, email, chat, etc) or may need to in the future? Can the system provide this capability?

Can it record the Agent’s desktop screen?  

What an agent records in the CRM system can be just as important as what they say to the customer.

How flexible is the software in fitting in with current business needs?  

  • Is it possible to create custom evaluation forms with a wide variety of question and scoring types?
  • Can the system provide automatic delivery of calls based of specific criteria thus saving evaluators time to locate calls?
  • Does the system provide any calibration options to ensure evaluators’ benchmark their skills?
  • Can the system provide any KPI Scorecards and performance measuring tools?

What are the reporting capabilities?  

The QM system is only as good as the statistical information that can be extracted from it. – What reports are available is just as important as user functionality.

Does the system provide speech analytics options?  

The ability to automatically analyse the content of calls can provide huge business insight.

How easy is the software to learn and use?  

How many hours of training will be required and what training services will be provided by the supplier?

Considering your upgrade options?  

What future upgrade options will be available and how easy will it be to upgrade the system?/p>

Installation & Support?  

How long will it take to install the system and what support will be provided by the supplier?

These are merely some of the criteria you should consider when selecting the right quality monitoring software for your business. When choosing your system, think about these questions and ask the supplier for specifics on any other considerations you might have.  They should be open about any issues you bring to the table and willing to work with you to provide the best solution for your needs.