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Better options for recording calls in branch offices, or…

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2004
Category Featured News

For small departments or branch offices in banks, stockbrokers, small service centres, or councils the cost of call recording is no longer prohibitive. With improvements made over the past 12 months, offerings for this market place now give you a lot more for your money.

Two very suitable options are the VocalPro, launched end of 2003 and the newly enhanced NiceCallFocus II, both available from Business Systems.
Both offerings give increased flexibility enabling integration to a broader range of telephony systems and also customer databases (via simple add-on modules and a bit of help from Business Systems’ professional services). There is no longer a problem recording a mixture of analogue and digital telephone extensions in one single box, cutting down the expense of needing to buy two separate solutions.

The new NiceCallFocus II has vastly improved storage capacities now offering up to 66,000 hours available on-line. There’s freedom of choice in off-line media storage also, with 3 options now available- AIT-1, DDS-4 or DVD. The VocalPro, built on open systems architecture, offers a simple upgrade path recording from just 4 channels to 48 channels. All this alongside the ability to ‘bolt-on’ different recording applications as you go, such as VoIP or screen recording.

These sophisticated smaller recording systems now enable dozens of branch offices to be recorded on one platform, with playback available centrally via new facilities of centralised, network-attached storage.
For small offices that are going to be in charge of maintaining their call recorder, the newly launched NiceCallFocus II, operates on the familiar easy to use Windows 2000 platform.

However simple or sophisticated your smaller call recording requirements the market now offers larger systems functionality at an affordable price.

Support for discontinued recorders

As manufacturers release new products into the market, older versions become discontinued with spare parts and support also being phased out accordingly. Business Systems continues to provide support on these products – for more information check out our webpage on support for discontinued recorders or get in touch on 0800 458 2988.