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Boston-based company partners with Business Systems

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Apr 1, 2009
Category Compliance

Boston-based Eze Castle Integration, a leading provider of technology and IT services to hedge funds and investment firms, today announced a partnership with Business Systems, the United Kingdom’s largest and most established independent call recording specialist.

Business Systems will support Eze Castle’s London-based clients call recording and archiving solutions to help them achieve total compliance with the Financial Services Authority’s March 2008 CP07/9 ruling that mandates investment firms to record conversations and maintain electronic records.

The combination of Eze Castle’s experience and reputation and Business Systems’ comprehensive expertise in systems design, implementation and support for call recording technology, provides firms with the best-in-class call recording and archiving solutions that facilitate compliance, reduce risk, and increase process efficiencies. Customers gain access to solutions like Verint® Audiolog™ for comprehensive, on-demand call recording and fast access to call archives to ensure expedited exposure.

Current market trends are pointing to an increase in financial regulations and codes. Investors are also performing strict due diligence, which requires firms to be fully prepared and compliant. With more than 500 hedge fund and investment firm clients worldwide, Eze Castle focuses on maintaining all technology aspects and updates, allowing customers to focus on business needs instead of the underlying infrastructure.

“Eze Castle is an established and reputable service provider and is partnering with us to ensure that its U.K. client base is receiving optimal technology solutions and support,” said Stephen Thurston, Sales Director at Business Systems. “We bring a wealth of voice recording experience spanning over 20 years ensuring that Eze Castle clients will not only be fully compliant with the latest regulations they will gain access to one of the best service and support facilities in the industry.

“We only partner with the best, and Business Systems is the U.K.’s premier provider of call recording, so our clients can rest assured that they will be fully compliant and that their transition to support CPO/79 will be seamless and uncomplicated,” said Bob Guilbert, Managing Director of Eze Castle Integration. “Our goal is to help simplify IT for our customers so they can maintain a competitive edge, reduce risk, and easily evolve their infrastructure to meet market and regulatory demands.”

For more information on partnership opportunities with Business Systems or how we can help improve your business call 0800 458 2988 or email