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Business Systems acquires OPEX Hosting Ltd

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jun 1, 2006
Category Hosted Telephony

In a move that will significantly enhance its customer offering, Business Systems UK Ltd completed the acquisition in April of the telephony services provider OPEX Hosting Ltd. OPEX is a provider of network-based telecommunication services, which are hosted and maintained on behalf of customers. This complements Business Systems’ core business of the provision of Call Recording services by offering customers a totally flexible and reliable alternative to the traditional single-site CPE (customer premises equipment) installations.

Many of today’s business methods need to accommodate distributed working practices i.e., multi-location, home-worker and mobile, plus the ability to switch between them as required. In short, a distributive architecture with dynamic capability. OPEX provides a broad range of hosted telephony services including call recording, self-service IVR and in-network ACD. The company uses specialist high-density carrier technology, providing a secure, feature rich set of telephony applications suitable for mission critical and large environments and affordable to smaller ones.
The combination of OPEX’s services and infrastructure on top of the normal BSL offering provides customers with richer features and better integration in the mixed world of TDM, VoIP and mobile communications. The OPEX model enables organisations to rapidly scale their infrastructure resource in line with shifting work patterns and because the services are billed on a ‘usage’ basis, there is no need for capital expenditure
Richard Mill, Managing Director of Business Systems UK Ltd summarises: – “Our customers are always looking for better value and greater flexibility and we have a responsibility to provide that. We constantly strive to be the ‘supplier-of-choice’ in this market and our enhanced offering with OPEX services, further underlines our commitment to this strategy.”