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Business Systems Bring Customer Experience Analytics to UK

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jun 1, 2009
Category Speech and Interaction Analytics

The next wave of ‘analytics tools’ is upon us with the emergence of ‘customer experience analytics’ (CEA). For those of you not familiar with the technology, let us explain…

Understanding why your customers bail out of the IVR or website and into your contact centre has until now been somewhat akin to asking “why did the chicken cross the road?” In both cases you don’t know! The chicken’s motives are unimportant but not knowing your customers’ can impact bottom line performance and customer service.

CEA is the new technology from ‘ClickFox’ that examines the customer experience; how customers contact the company, the technology they prefer to use and why they make the choices they do. The end result is valuable insight into customer behaviour and the opportunity for significant commercial gain.

Initial approaches to measuring customer experiences through web and speech analytics, customer surveys and data mining are an excellent first start but where they are not relational, one to the other, then the conclusions that are drawn are in danger of being erroneous and skewed by the influence of a single finding. Or as one customer relationship manager put it, “the close examination of a single tree does not accurately reflect the state of the whole forest”. By contrast CEA technology looks across multiple contact channels and maps the customer experience as a whole.

How it works
The technology takes structured and unstructured information from your existing systems at regular intervals determined by you. During the gathering phase it graphically reconstructs the original customer sessions creating a visual blue print of customer behaviour including analysis of the various paths customers take through and across the interactive touch points in your organisation.

What it delivers
CEA uncovers the reality of what frustrates customers and why their behaviour does not always follow the intended process. As a result, organisations are able to pinpoint poor process routes, bottlenecks and costly opt-outs to live agents. The ClickFox solution uses a recognition engine to compile behavioural DNA profiles of customers over time, both as individuals and within groups. Ventana Research Vice President, Richard Snow comments, “This technology allows companies to address one of today’s critical business issues – understanding the experience of their customers regardless of what channel they use to interact with the company.”

Business Systems is now one of the sole providers of this technology in the UK following a partnership agreement with ClickFox, a pioneer of CEA technology.

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