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Business Systems on the history trail of old voice recorders

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 23, 2004
Category Call Recording Advice

Our thanks to the curator of the Austrian Submariners Museum for sending this picture (the extent of the Monitor’s readership is truly amazing).
Just one glance at this photo and the nostalgia is so thick you can almost smell the mixture of salt air and diesel fumes; it makes you want to say things like, “when I was a lad, we made voice recorders out of girders”. In an attempt to trace the history of these wonderful examples,we once again called on the knowledge of our oldest techie and all round sage of the voice recording industry William Hall (15 years with BSL and prior to that wireless-man first-class in the Irish Navy). William’s view is that this is a sea-borne type Mark 1 six-valve recorder used by submarine command; the give-away being the small lateral mounting gimbal brackets on the side. Hhmm, the News Hound thinks there is some definite leg-pulling going on here but we give William full marks for the story line and hey; it’s a great photo!

And the most amusing extract from the Monitor’s mail bag this month is:-

One of our readers asked us to add the word ‘squat’ to our website ‘jargon buster’ and supplied the definition as follows: – Squat ‘the accumulated call-recording knowledge of a PBX manufacturer that attempts to sell this application to it’s customers under the guise of a one-stop-shop communications strategy.’ There is no denying the fact that this had the Monitor’s news team rolling around in hysterics for days but it was finally decided that this was a somewhat jaundiced view from an individual with a bitter experience and in the interests of entente cordiale with the PBX manufacturers we decided to decline the entry.
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