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Business Systems takes a dose of its own 'Quality' medicine

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Oct 1, 2006
Category Quality Monitoring

and looks back over 10 years…

It is probably the best thing we ever did. As a company that has been constantly banging the ‘quality’ drum and promoting the message of ‘agent improvement’ to contact centres it stands to reason that we should set ourselves a quality standard against which we could be measured and held accountable, so we did. That programme in the early nineties became our ISO-9000 standard for our ‘Professional Services’ operation and this means that we consistently attain high standards in every implementation we do, regardless of size or level of complexity. All technical staff are continually trained and assessed to ensure they operate at the predetermined level of competency.

“Our aim is to ensure that every project we handle is of a consistently high standard and that means that all parties benefit. Getting things right first time and on time means there are no over runs on project costs and most importantly that there are no disruptions to our client’s business campaigns where revenue can easily run into tens of thousands of pounds per day.” comments Scott Miller, Head of Technical Services.

“Looking back over the last decade we believe it is this adherence to quality that has allowed us to deliver top-drawer results to our customers”. Richard Mill Business Systems MD comments: “I would like to say it was plain sailing but in truth there were times when we were tested; usually it was the temptation to go for a short-cut and commercial win rather than hanging in there for the long-term pay off”.

Business Systems’ core quality management principles of a ‘customer focus’ and leadership in the industry, have lead to the company partnering with important industry associations in the last year: – The Institute of Customer Service and The Call Centre Association. These industry alliances and assessment of service levels in line with ISO 9000 ensure that Business Systems continually sets and maintains professional standards.