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Business Systems trading in it’s UK badge for International?

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 23, 2003
Category Featured News

Don’t you just hate that ‘never’ word, especially so when you have used it so emphatically in the past ie, “Business Systems will never, never go to mainland Europe; there are plenty of local suppliers who can provide kit right on the doorstep etc, etc”. So are we changing our (UK only) status or what? Well yes- but only under certain conditions.
As we all know, obtaining the right equipment is only part of the equation; skilled system implementation has an enormous effect on the overall value of the project. Business Systems are now providing some multi national customers with a uniformed system implementation service for their offices in mainland Europe. The benefit being, a high standard of system delivery implemented with consistency in each location. If you would like information about this service please speak to your account manager or call Stephen Thurston.

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