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Business Systems/Nice – Celebrating 10 years

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Mar 1, 2004
Category Legacy Call Recording Products

There are few partnerships that have stood the test of time as well the one that exists between Business Systems and Nice. Since introducing the Nicelog to the UK in 1994 both companies have worked hard to bring together the best combination of product and associated Professional Services; the ultimate goal being the best possible solution for our customers.

10 years on Business Systems remains uniquely Nice’s premier reseller and only systems implementer in the UK; Richard Mill Managing Director of Business Systems explains why that is and what the future holds:- “As a generalization Nice’s Call Recording platform is far more complex today than it was 10 years ago and for customers reliant upon this technology the stakes are very high. In reality, there are only a few companies in Europe that truly have the capability to implement these systems correctly and provide the payback customers expect – Business Systems is one of those companies.” And for the future:- “based on the Nice product range that is established and the product development to date, we feel comfortable that Nice will remain in our portfolio for another 10 years or so.”

and the latest word on ‘Nice Perform’ is…

For those of you awaiting the release of ‘Nice Perform’ (formerly Nicelog roadmap Version 9) we can tell you that no release date has been announced for the UK. As the product was launched in the USA last quarter, we’re putting our money on sometime in the second quarter 2005:- when we can tell you more – we will!

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