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Call Recording Technology – Industry Insight

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Mar 23, 2003
Category Call Recording Advice

Richard Mill, Managing Director, Business Systems (UK) Ltd

“So what are the new trends in recording technologies…”
Call Recording technology underwent major step changes in the mid 90’s with digitisation and developments focused on Call Centre applications. The last 4 years have been less eventful but this now looks likely to change. What we are seeing is a move to more open architecture and the introduction of more generic Call Recording software for general business. These introductions compounded with the use of considerably greater bandwidth, means that lower cost Call Recording is becoming available to a much wider audience. These developments bring huge business benefits to customers assuming they can and do apply the product functionality to their business applications

Like all advances in technology it is a mixed bag of blessings. There are stonking wins when you get it right, some real cock-ups when you get it wrong and the big question is… “will the recorder I buy now still match my requirement in 3 years time”….probably not! This doesn’t mean you need to change your system every 3 years, it means you need to be able to enhance it or add to it in 3 years time.

The watchwords for getting it right are: ‘open architecture’, ‘flexibility’, ‘industry standard hardware’ and ‘expert or domain knowledge’; in other words everything you alread know that applies to selecting other system solutions, now applies to Call Recording as the technology becomes more open and varied.

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