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Call Recording – Making the right decision first time round!

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Sep 23, 2007
Category Call Recording Advice

We all know the old adage ‘nobody ever got sacked for buying IBM’ but in the call recording industry there is no obvious supplier or product, which comes out on top. So how do you even begin to approach the complexities involved in buying what is no longer a simple call recording solution?

An Analysis, Objectives and Results (AOR) study is generally a good starting point to assist in defining your business goals and objectives whilst getting everybody focussed on the end goal. Alongside this a Development Needs Analysis (DNA) can be carried out so that product recommendations can be made based on true business needs.

A DNA typically includes a review of the current practices within the contact centre. This covers areas such as quality assurance, agent coaching and feedback, agent and management training, organisational structure and relationships, performance measurements and customer satisfaction measurements. By examining and evaluating these areas, recommendations can then be made on solutions for improving business performance.

Once you know what you need to buy, you need to consider how you are going to buy it. The hosted option is a popular choice for SME’s who don’t want an upfront capital outlay and prefer a pay-as-you-go model. It also enables businesses to generate revenue at the same time as paying for the service. This can work well, for example in outsourced contact centres when running short and long term campaigns which require expansion and contraction of resource. There are also options to rent, lease or acquire managed service contracts, each option comes with its own benefits, but ultimately you need to choose a solution that dovetails effectively into your business and financial model.

At this point you know what you want to buy and how you want to buy it – is there anything else left to consider? Following your due diligence you need to have decided what is important to you. Is it down to cost, functionality, after sales service and support, choice, expertise or is it a combination of some or all of these things?

The cost of making the wrong technology investment can be very high, going beyond the equipment itself, but with the right planning and preparation, an investment can prove beneficial and can give you the sustainable, competitive edge that will differentiate your business from others.

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