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Microsoft Teams Call Recording

Microsoft Teams Recording

Capture, replay, archive and analyse all Microsoft Teams communications, from chats, calls, videos, screen-sharing and more, to meet regulatory compliance recording. 

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Leading Provider of Microsoft Teams Recording

With over 30 years’ experience in delivering compliant Call Recording solutions, and as an independent solutions provider, only recommending the best fit solution for an organisations technology requirements, we can help you integrate Microsoft Teams, into your existing trade compliance program. 

As a unified communication and collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, is transforming the way millions of people work. However, to remain compliant, organisations need to ensure communications are being recorded across the full range of Microsoft Teams collaboration modes – particularly if these communications are involved in a trade.  This also means organisations require a third-party solution to manage, replay, or archive calls for compliance.  

As an independent monitoring & compliance solutions provider, we will look at your utilisation within Teams, which storage platforms you wish to use, where your recordings need to be stored, what kind of resilience you require in your capture platform, and lastly, the current recording solutions which are being used, to recommend the best-fit solution for Microsoft Teams recording within your organisation. 

Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording

Why Businesses Use Microsoft Teams Recording

  1. Meet Compliance – Ensure all communications related to possible trades are recorded, securely stored, and easily accessible for compliance needs. 
  2. Business Continuity – Capture communications across front, middle, and back-office environments. 
  3. Scalable Solution – Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments, based on requirements.

Key Features

Microsoft Teams Recording solutions provide unified compliance recording to help capture, archive, and retrieve interactions across all Microsoft communication modes including Teams Voice, Teams Video, Teams Chat and Teams Meetings. 

  1. Capture All Communication Features

    Capture all modes of interactions, from voice calling to chat, video meetings, screen sharing, and IM attachments across all regulated users.

  2. Robust Data Governance

    Securely archive, retrieve, and control recorded interactions in a central location, ensuring the data is readily available and retrievable for trade reconstruction, business intelligence, and compliance evidencing. 

  3. Automated Microsoft Teams Capture

    Apply tamper-resistant and reliable compliance recording of regulated Teams collaborations. 

  4. Powerful Transcription and Analytics

    Search, transcribe, categorise and analyse interactions from Microsoft Teams for rapid insights and trade reconstruction.

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