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Catching up on – Contact Centre Industry insights

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2010
Category The Monitor

The annual conference ‘Improving Performance in the Contact Centre’ received a record number of attendees in November, which only goes to prove that this is still a centre-stage event for the call centre industry.

For those of you that missed the event here are the highlights:- there was excellent contribution from two of the industry’s leading digital editors Jonty Pearce of Call Centre Helper and Jon Snow of Call Centre Clinic. Top of the list was addressing issues such as employee retention and motivation with both recommending ways to motivate employees. One of the most novel stories was the introduction of ‘duvet days’; these are days where staff can ring in and say that they won’t be coming to work and the day is then deducted from their annual leave allocation. Findings show that employees stay more motivated with the flexibility offered and the company’s absenteeism is reduced because staff are not ‘throwing a sickie’.

In the ‘big bucks’ saving department Anna Convery, CMO of ClickFox, explained how a leading telecoms service provider retained over 1,500 customers a month and an estimated $20 million in revenue due to deployment of their CEM (Customer Experience Monitoring) solution – definitely an area for examination for the large B2C contact centre. The new CEO of the Institute of Customer Service, Jo Causon, discussed what keeps CEO’s awake at night in times of recession and why service matters if you want to get 24% higher net profit margin and 71% higher profit per employee. Jo finished by commenting: ‘The only way to lead out of a recession is to lead with customer service’.