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Contact Centre Conference Highlights

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 23, 2005
Category The Monitor

Call Centre Association reviews topical issues!

In parallel with the Exhibition, Business Systems hosted a specialist conference focusing on techniques and technology to improve performance in contact centres. Judy Smyth from the Call Centre Association (CCA) started the conference with a keynote speech that highlighted the most pressing issues for contact centre managers. One common challenge for call centre managers was the need to secure support and involvement at board level. History shows that without board involvement, operational targets and standards are at risk of not being in line with the company’s strategic objectives. In addition, adding insult to injury, operational improvements that are made may not be fully understood or appreciated at the strategic level. In contrast, by securing board support, call centre management are better able to justify expenditure on developing quality monitoring and performance improvement programmes.

Judy also outlined the CCA strategy to ensure best practice in staff recruitment and retention, an area that is seen as the most common challenge faced by call centre managers today. The conference tackled specific customer issues and focused on the necessity to resolve customer queries early, thereby avoiding escalation and potential loss of business.