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The emergence of Interaction Analytics as a compliance tool

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jul 17, 2017
Category Speech and Interaction Analytics

Business Systems’ Tim Thurston explains how Interaction Analytics can be used to help comply with the ever tightening regulations within the financial services Industry.

Why is the adoption of Interaction Analytics gaining momentum within financial services?

In an effort to comply with the ever tightening regulations such as MiFID II, MAR and many others, Financial Institutions have re-focused their efforts on expanding their compliance teams as well as investigating already established technologies to help them on their compliance journey. One of these technologies is Interaction Analytics. As such, the uptake is growing. By enabling a more proactive approach and finding the areas of interest or concern before a regulatory request may be made, Analytics can prevent issues from escalating and demonstrate a healthy ethos within the organisation for managing risk.

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