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Contact Centre Technology

Ensure your call evaluators’ time is spent wisely

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Sep 23, 2006
Category Quality Monitoring
Vocal IQ version 2, offers mid sized call centres a time saving program which helps ensure that the most important calls are the ones evaluated. The software allows supervisors to set up ‘rules-based recording’. This function allows management to decide exactly what is recorded and to mark important calls for evaluation.
An example of its use is where managers decide to mark particular calls of interest e.g. 5% of inbound calls to the Sales Team which came in on a particular campaign-specific DDI and say 2% of outbound calls from novice salespeople. Marked calls are then automatically presented for evaluation to whom ever is assigned the task of scoring calls. The systems can then present relevant call evaluation sheets to be used on these marked calls according to the type of call, eg sales or customer services.
Vocal IQ 2.0 can also mark recordings of Agent screens, so that management can play back what happened on screen alongside the call recording. This helps give a clearer picture providing more context to the audio.
Now this bit is really clever, Version 2.0 of Vocal IQ also includes ‘Correlation Analysis’. ‘What’s that?’, you may well ask. Simply put, it enables reports to statistically show which elements of an Agent’s behaviour if modified would demonstrate maximum effect. The results could show either positive or negative effects that changing a behaviour could make against Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). The KPI’s can be chosen from external industry benchmarks e.g. a customer satisfaction index or perhaps internal measurements such as closure of a sale.
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