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Eurotunnel deploy new call recording solution for compliance

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Apr 1, 2009
Category Call Recording Technology

Eurotunnel is the company responsible for running the 35 minute passenger shuttle service through the Channel Tunnel between Folkestone and Calais. The Eurotunnel Contact Centre, based in Folkestone, operates on a pan-European basis dealing with enquiries, taking reservations and providing telephone and web support to countries including the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and the Republic of Ireland.

Multi-skilled, multi-lingual agents each handle up to 100 calls per day and are expected to achieve 90% customer availability time during the working day. Customer enquiries can be quite complex ranging from booking enquiries and the PETS travel scheme to travelling on the continent.
Against this backdrop new legislation was introduced on January 1st 2009 stating that any companies selling connected travel insurance would be subject to Financial Services Authority (FSA) compliance. As part of the Eurotunnel offering the company provides cover for motor breakdown and personal travel insurance these services needed a call recording and quality monitoring solution which would deliver compliance by ensuring that 100% of calls were recorded.

Business Systems have been working with Eurotunnel for over 10 years and as testimony to the relationship and proven ability to deliver during that time were chosen yet again to provide a solution designed to meet the needs of the organisation. The key requirements included the ability to record all inbound and outbound calls as part of a total recording solution, the ability to seamlessly upgrade from one solution to the next with minimum impact to the business and the need to quickly and easily retrieve calls to facilitate customer query resolution.

Following a consultative approach, Business Systems quickly identified that the NICE Perform® call recording solution, which provides total recording combined with a fully integrated quality monitoring and screen capture application, would provide an excellent fit for Eurotunnel’s business requirements.

From a management perspective the new system has been invaluable, Ian Harrison, Contact Centre Manager, Eurotunnel, commented “The reporting capabilities of the system are excellent. The business portal provides you with all the information you need as soon as you login with the dashboard ensuring at a glance that the quality of the calls are where we need them to be. It also provides peace of mind by showing that we are complying with the FSA principles regarding the selling of insurance and the treating customers fairly initiative.”

The nature of the solution provided means that additional elements can be bolted on as required and with the emergence of speech analytics as a growing trend within contact centres, Eurotunnel will be keeping a close watch on what this application may be able to provide for the organisation in the future.

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