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Eurotunnel uses NICE Universe quality monitoring…

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Oct 23, 2005
Category Quality Monitoring

… to improve training, increase sales and productivity
The Eurotunnel Contact Centre in Folkstone, Kent, handles all customer enquiries for Eurotunnel’s passenger shuttle service, the 35-minute roll-on/roll-off train service that operates through the Channel Tunnel between Folkestone and Calais.

120 full-time staff provide multi-lingual telephone support to one million callers every year from across Europe. Staff are required to deal with a variety of travel enquiries, provide telephone support to on-line customers and take sales directly over the telephone.

The Requirement
With the inception of the call centre, management set up call handling guidelines to which was monitored by an external company who would contact the call centre, scoring calls. ‘Mentors’ (staff assigned to train agents), used these calls to appraise and deliver training accordingly. This procedure was time consuming resulted in staff receiving coaching on calls that were irrelevant.

Management decided to bring the quality monitoring process in-house to improve it, to increase sales and enhance customer service.

The Solution
Eurotunnel invested in the NiceUniverse quality monitoring solution from Business Systems UK Ltd, to provide call recording, quality scoring and reporting software. Using NiceUniverse, call recording schedules are set up to record and score chosen calls.

NiceUniverse fully integrated with Eurotunnel’s Nortel Meridian switch, Symposium CTI and LAN, enabling managers to access calls whenever required from their desktop PCs. Managers can search for calls by different criteria including agent name, CLI, date, time and call duration. The integral scoring templates within NiceUniverse software has enabled management to simultaneously listen to and score calls.

NiceUniverse has helped us to more clearly quantify the ‘quality’ of our service, to improve customer retention,” commented Ian Harrison, Call Centre Operations Manager.

The new process has enabled Eurotunnel to create a more clearly defined career ladder as competency can now be measured. Using weighted scoring options in NiceUniverse, important areas such as notification of health and safety issues or financial information are given a higher value to reflect in the overall score.

Previously all of the mentors’ time was spent dealing with tape based call evaluations and analysing reports. With the time saving that NiceUniverse has provided, 50% of their time can now be spent handling calls. By focusing mentors and call evaluations around achieving more insurance sales within a year, sales have increased significantly.

The management of underperformers has greatly improved. A manager can record all underperformers’ calls, focusing special attention on improving their performance or focus underperformers on scoring their teams calls.