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The what, why, and how behind understanding customer intent

Exploring and Understanding Customer Intent

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Feb 22, 2023
Category Customer Experience

Nearly 52% of contact centres are unaware of the reason their clients are calling*. Do you have the necessary information for why your customers are making contact?

The topic of Customer Intent is not necessarily a new one, but it’s a hot one. Helping your contact centre delve deeper into the customer journey, intent is what drives productivity, success and most importantly of all, customer satisfaction.   

The benefits of understanding customer intent

Understanding customer intent can help facilitate a clear focus or direction for an organisation, helping work towards a common set of priorities such as improving the customer experience and developing the business.

Some of the benefits of understanding customer intent include:

  • Being able to personalise the customer experience
  • Providing a proactive customer service
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction scores
  • Identifying gaps in agent training 
  • Identifying broken workflows within the customer journey
  • Increase in revenue 

The risks behind overlooking customer intent

Lack of data, reporting capabilities and legacy systems can limit the level of information and customer insight into why customers are calling. This can have a direct impact on the customer experience (CX), as customers become frustrated with interactions that are either taking too long or are failing to be resolved. 

Some of the risks associated with  overlooking intent can include:

  • A negative brand reputation
  • Decreased employee motivation
  • Increased pressure on employees
  • Loss of revenue
  • Low customer satisfaction scores

The importance of capturing intent

As consumer expectations grow, organisations need to consider one of the most important metrics as a static part of their contact centre strategy – why have customers made contact in the first place. 

Explore the importance of intent in more detail by downloading our free guide – ‘The what, why, and how behind understanding customer intent’.

*Nearly 52% of 27 clients surveyed on the day at a Business Systems CX Transformation Event – 2022