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Robotic Process Automation

FedEx (USA) explains how to leverage new technology!

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 23, 2005
Category Call Recording Advice

Chris Files, Quality Development Facilitator at FedEx Custom Critical gave firsthand experiences of providing a 24/7 guaranteed service to clients across North America. Integral to the success of this service, FedEx realised they needed to provide and maintain a high quality of service at all customer-facing levels. High quality does not just happen by accident and FedEx knew they needed a sophisticated monitoring and coaching programme to deliver the results. Using the latest in call recording and analytics software FedEx explained how using word spotting and emotion detection enables managers to find specific calls or groups of similar calls to analyse. These included calls with specific customer issues or specific business opportunities that would have been missed on an individual basis. For example, calls mentioning ‘Mexico’, which allowed the company to analyse the possibility of branching into this area.

Chris also explained the added value of using screen-capture and synchronising it with the audio recordings. The resulting benefit was that management identified where improvements were required in the agent desktop software and that in turn led to greater efficiency and significant savings, a real ‘win-win’ for everybody.

Don’t Miss The Next Conference

For those who missed the London event the 2006 Call Centre Conference will be in Leeds on February 22nd. The event is free and hosted by Business Systems and NICE Systems. The CCA will be providing the keynote talk and industry leaders from US based call centres including Saxon Mortgage will be sharing their experiences of improving staff performance and customer service. Places are currently available and will be allocated on a first come first served basis (note – the London event was fully booked).