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Finance sector no longer afraid to reach for the cloud

4 min read
Author Andy Mahoney
Date Feb 29, 2012
Category Hosted Telephony

Robust security combined with an intuitive web interface and a ‘pay as you use’ cost structure is what every financial institution can now expect from a hosted call recording platform. This is perhaps why leading city based professional services companies are now putting their faith in the cloud, and more specifically the OPEX Hosting Call Craft platform.

What is Call Craft?
Developed by OPEX Hosting, Business System’s sister company, Call Craft is a hosted self-service platform helping companies to manage telephony services like call recording via the web.

Why hosted recording?
With onsite call recording solutions proving in some cases to be less cost effective and challenging economic times ahead, many clients are now opting for a far more flexible and cost efficient hosted call recording platform.

This trend is reinforced by a recent report from analysts IDC, which outlines moves to make cloud the default platform for business software in 2012. Security is a key component of ensuring the success of cloud based apps and the Call Craft platform is packed with features ensuring FSA compliance and incorporating ISO 27001 accreditation, contingency and disaster recovery planning, RSA tokens and detailed tamperproof activity logging. The OPEX platform can also offer some significant improvements around the security of data versus traditional onsite servers.

How does it work?
Login credentials are provided for a customer to logon to a secure web portal to search for, playback and download call recordings.
Flexibility comes as standard, where landlines or outbound mobile handsets can be added as a company expands with minimal capital expenditure. Without investing in any additional equipment, the Call Craft platform is customised to suit business requirements, enabling it to work with any existing telephony infrastructure in the organisation.

For more information about hosted call recording benefits, please email [email protected] or call 020 8326 8326.