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Has your call recording system reached End of Life?

4 min read
Author Triana Atallah
Date Jun 17, 2015
Category Call Recording Technology

When selecting a new call recording system your organisation will, in all probability, have evaluated its options so as to identify its requirements in key areas such as:

  • Specification
  • Suitability
  • Manufacturer pedigree
  • Price
  • Support credentials, etc.

Whilst not headlining the list when purchasing the newest and greatest, buried deep in this will be the manufacturer’s policy for end-of-life. What happens when the sun sets on the product or version being purchased?

Sound familiar?
Although this may not feature high on your agenda, considering the implications of this in the long term can potentially save you the hassle of having to worry about what options you have in order to facilitate the playback of historic calls when the time comes to replacing your solution.
As manufacturers release new products into an ever changing marketplace, older versions of systems are discontinued; the key outcome of which is that support is no longer provided.

This can be because of hardware of software being no longer supported. With retention periods for call recordings ranging anywhere from 6 months to 7+ years (depending on an organisation’s internal policies, products and the marketplace in which it operates) support capability can suddenly become a much bigger concern.

How would you ensure the retrieval of your old call recordings (together with any related software and hardware) is maintained? The answer is simple – add this vital component to your evaluation and selection criteria when implementing a new call recording solution.

You will be surprised at the amount of companies who overlook such a significant component when carrying out system evaluations.
Business Systems can offer options such as beyond end-of-life support, long after the manufacturer support has ceased (this can be for both hardware and software). This also includes upgrades that can include data migration to a new solution or a software portal solution allowing you to combine many systems into a single user interface. With an extensive spare parts holding and a large engineering base, alternative options can be provided for your call recording software.

If you’re current call recording provider has said your system has reached its end of life, don’t fret – check out our page on support for discontinued call recorders – if you still have any questions, contact our team – we’d be happy to help.