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How can you reduce your call recording install costs?

4 min read
Author Scott Miller
Date Sep 11, 2013
Category Call Recording Advice

The answer couldn’t be simpler – ‘good planning’! But, and because we know that life is full of ‘buts’, good planning requires time, effort and a certain amount of specialist knowledge. Therefore, if all these elements are not in abundance then the result is going to be ‘poor planning’ and that equates to poor performance and increased costs – the dreaded downward spiral!

So here’s a neat way to get ahead of the game with our handy call recording installation checklist. Having installed more call recording systems than you can shake a stick at over the last 25 years we consider ourselves to be somewhat expert in this field and well qualified to advise. The check list takes you through the process from ensuring your PC hardware and software specifications meet minimum requirements, to making sure you provide your own onsite technical resource on the day in case things don’t behave as expected, it all makes a difference.

Identify in advance how long you want to retain your call recordings for and whether you want auto-login capabilities for your staff. Prepare a spread sheet which identifies which users you want to grant which roles and privileges to and be sure to ask your IT or telephony team to disable automatic Microsoft updates to avoid loading issues and system restarts which may interrupt your recordings.

When it comes to the real geeky stuff like ‘network ports, IP addresses, subnet masks, gateway and router information’ configure, allocate and provide full details of these to your supplier well in advance of your install.
If you are upgrading from one system to the next, agree your cut-over period from the old system to the new to be out of business hours, over the weekend or in the early morning hours work best for those not operating 24/7.

Agree in advance what level of User Acceptance Testing you will sign off on after the install and give your supplier access to a phone and PC with internet access so that they can thoroughly test your system before leaving the building.

In a nutshell if you commit to your call recording install and communicate with others internally to let them know what is happening and when, costs can be kept under control and your install should be delivered on time.

Worried about your install? Give us a call on 0800 458 2988 or simply contact us to find out more.