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Contact Centre Technology

Ignore call recording software updates at your peril

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Mar 7, 2014
Category Call Recording Technology

Call recording is often touted as a ‘must have’ for businesses but if not managed correctly it can cause unnecessary problems. For instance keeping your Microsoft software patches and Manufacturer software updates current is of paramount importance.

Why? If you don’t manage these two aspects it can affect your call recording system and when problems related to this do occur, our voice engineers reliably inform me they are less likely to be resolved in a timely manner.
Manufacturer software updates incorporate the latest bug fixes and may also provide enhanced product features like GUI refreshments or improved audit or playback capabilities. These updates may also typically include enhanced telephony integration so that if you upgrade your telephony environment your call recording solution is more likely to be compatible and certified by your call recording provider or manufacturer.

Maintaining up to date Microsoft software patches ensures your call recording system is protected from security vulnerabilities and reduces the risk of your solution being compromised. Given the general sensitive nature of call recording data this should not be ignored.

In a nutshell, if you don’t keep the software supporting your recording system up to date, any associated fixes may add additional cost, time and resource to resolve the issue.

Next Steps – if you want advice on uploading the latest software patches call us now on 0800 458 2988 or contact us for more details.