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Is your quality monitoring still in the dark ages?

3 min read
Author Brent Bischoff
Date Feb 13, 2014
Category Quality Monitoring

For those of you that missed it we had a great response to our latest guide on quality monitoring (QM). During our research phase it transpired that there are still a number of contact centres out there using live agent monitoring during calls as their main means of evaluating performance instead of tried and tested quality monitoring technology.

We firmly believe this is down to a lack of understanding of how the technology has evolved and how costs to implement it have decreased in the last couple of years. Many of the arguments which held true in the past around not having the time to evaluate enough calls to be truly representative and not being able to target the ‘right type’ of calls for evaluation are no longer valid thanks to significant developments in QM technology.

The guide goes on to highlight how features like faster replay and bolt on audio analytics can be used alongside quality monitoring applications to find the calls worth evaluating quicker and subsequently play them back quicker, meaning more calls can be sampled in a given time frame. The development of agent learning centres in these tools, also facilitates self-coaching and speeds up knowledge transfer as evaluators can tag and comment on calls without having to wait for weekly or monthly reviews.
Covering off areas such as the seven pitfalls to avoid when implementing a quality monitoring system, this informative guide is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand how today’s quality monitoring technology can add real value to the contact centre.

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