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Make your call recording system safe from virus attacks!

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jun 1, 2005
Category Call Recording Technology

Recently the DTI Information Security Breaches Survey found that despite 99% of large companies having anti-virus software in place, 68% still suffered from virus infection. If your Call Recording system is attached to the network it could well be at risk and you should take steps to protect it.

What you should know and do

There is no way of knowing how malicious the next virus attack will be or when it is going to happen. Last year’s Blaster Worm virus caused worldwide damage estimated at $1.3 billion.

Viruses will normally enter the network via operating systems and databases which do not have up-to-date security patches and anti-virus software installed. Patches and anti-virus software are a customer security responsibility and not part of the standard recording system maintenance contract.

In the light of this risk you should review your system. You can do this yourself or if you are pushed for time, get us to do it for you.
Business Systems offers the ‘Call Recording Virus Review’; this ensures you have the appropriate anti-virus software installed, which offers the best possible protection should your system come under attack. You can arrange this service by contacting:- [email protected]