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Measuring performance with call recording throughout the entire property sale or rental

6 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Oct 10, 2014
Category Call Recording Advice

As digital marketing continues to grow, the property sector is no different with estate agents increasingly allocating budget to sites like Rightmove to generate interest in a property and to measure and track performance.

Yet once those phones start ringing with viewings being scheduled, rental rates negotiated and offers being put forward, it is surprising how little of this activity which converts that online marketing into revenue is monitored, measured or recorded.

As costs for solutions like call recording have come down in recent years and the technology becomes more user-friendly, property agents are increasingly using it to close the loop in their sales process.


How can call recording help me meet quarterly sales targets?

Ask yourself the following questions:
• Do you know why some of your inbound property enquiries fail to secure any viewings?
• Can you pinpoint which of your lettings agents excel in turning around ‘this property is a little over my budget’ to ‘ok well it can’t harm to have a look at it’?
• Do you have any visibility of what your new starters are saying to potential buyers or renters?

With call recording now accessible via easy to use web portals providing call metrics and reports, training needs can be identified, showcasing examples of best practice whilst shining the spotlight on why you are failing to meet your quarterly targets.

Calls can be recorded on office, home and mobile phones ensuring you can track the progress of your estate agents regardless of where they are.

Protect your property agents, tenants and house buyers

A key element of the job role involves negotiation, putting forward offers on behalf of clients, advising landlords and scheduling tenancy inspections. In some cases, third parties may not be happy with the outcome or may challenge what was said. Call recordings are an effective means of supporting your estate agents should their actions be questioned, proving that a fair and due process has been followed which meets the standards of professional bodies such as the Property Ombudsman.

Using call recording to differentiate your estate agency business

The provision of a call recording service could also be actively used as a marketing tool to differentiate your agency from the rest. For example, by offering to provide house buyers or others interested in a property, with a call recording which confirms a recent offer put forward, this will provide a level of transparency and trust never really shared before.

Training and benchmarking against your top performing agents

One of the biggest challenges faced by estate agents is keeping successful staff motivated and retaining them with effective progression planning and ensuring that achievements are rewarded. Call recording is an extremely effective method for capturing examples of best practice by sharing the content from those ‘exceptional calls’ with others. In larger agencies it can also be used to identify individuals who may benefit from a transfer or promotion, and who can take those examples of best practice and apply them to help address issues with poorer performing regional offices.
With more and more agencies adopting affordable and easy to use call recording technology to help boost revenue and measure and track success offline as well as online, can you really afford to ignore the possible benefits it can reap for your business?