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Mobile Phone Recording Vendor Granted 2nd Patent

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date May 11, 2010
Category Mobile Call Recording

London, UK – 16 June, 2010 – Compliant Phones Ltd, UK-based creator of the Mobile Recording Solution recently launched by Vodafone Global, announced today that it has been awarded a second UK patent covering mobile recording GB2460964B. This patent fully covers the method of recording inbound calls ‘in-line’ to a mobile phone by using the network divert function. This patent compliments their existing patent GB2445104B which details the process of recording ‘in-line’.

The method of recording inbound calls via call diversion allows calls to be recorded ‘in-line’, in exactly the same way as fixed-line recording, ensuring that all calls are properly recorded and available to be listened to later. This is the second patent granted in a series of three, and will be followed by a third patent pending GB 0911312 which covers the recording of SMS, MMS, IM traffic and IP web browsing capture. Compliant Phones is also completing their international patent coverage during 2010, ensuring corporate customers with overseas offices can consistently deploy the same patented technology.

Compliant Phones CEO, Curtis Nash, comments “We are delighted that this latest UK patent has been granted. The series of patents not only protects our innovative solution against ‘me too’ type products, it validates our costly four year R&D effort in developing mobile phone recording technology and I would like to thank the ongoing commitment of our supportive investors. I am particularly proud that world class companies such as Vodafone Global, Business Systems (UK) Ltd and Spiritel PLC have validated our approach by licensing our technology.

Our method of recording calls has now been in use by satisfied customers spanning a three year period and has inevitably picked up its fair share of non-patented imitations both here and in the US. I would urge companies using call diversion for inbound mobile phone recording or recording ‘in-line’ to check with Compliant Phones that they are using a licensed product.”

Contact Compliant Phones or their partners directly for further information on licensing details. [email protected]