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National Customer Service Week 2022

5 min read
Author Nadya Ahmed
Date Oct 10, 2022
Category Uncategorized

We absolutely loved celebrating National Customer Service Week. 

It’s always a good opportunity for our Teams to take a step back and recognise their achievements and just how far they have all come as well as share their expertise and advice.

Our celebrations have kept us busy, with a selection of insight around technology, statistics and top tips, through to shining the spotlight on our internal service teams. 

Here’s a recap:

Monday 3rd October – The Human-Tech Interface

We kicked off the start of National Customer Service Week by looking at the 5 ways Customer Service and the CX landscape have evolved over the years: 

  1. Experiencing a siloed customer journey ➡ Combining Humans and Technology for customer experience excellence 
  1. Telling the customer what you think they want ➡ Understanding customer perspectives through CRMs, demographics and feedback surveys 
  1. Leaving the responsibility of CX to the customer service team ➡ Making sure the entire company, especially the leadership team, are involved in the end-to-end journey
  1. Failing to recognise the importance of brand loyalty ➡ Defining company values to drive customer experiences
  1. Providing limited channel preferences ➡ Handling multiple forms of communication dependant on customer preferences

Tuesday 4th October – Service with Respect Day

Amy Paterson, our Customer Service Manager, shone the spotlight on her team. With a 98% customer happiness score taken from the past 6 months, the spotlight was well deserved! 

Amy Paterson LinkedIn Post for National Customer Service Week

View the full LinkedIn post here

Oliver Stephens, our Workforce Engagement Management Consultant also spoke out on the ways you can safeguard your employees wellbeing, particularly post covid, where the abuse customer service reps have received has dramatically increased. 

Ollie’s top tips: 

Ollie Stephens LinkedIn Post for National Customer Service Week

Wednesday 5th October – The Personalisation of Service: Skills & Capabilities

Shaunna Wilson, our Workforce Engagement Management Consultant spoke out on the topic of ‘Agent Burnout’ – a problem which is costing contact centres almost £1 billion each year. 

In Shaunna’s latest LinkedIn pulse, she recognises that offering agents skills and opportunity growth are just one of the ways you can support your contact centre staff, and ultimately, avoid burnout. 

Shaunna LinkedIn Post for National Customer Service Week

Read Shaunna’s full article

Thursday 6th October – Effective Strategy & Leadership

It was time for another Team spotlight on Thursday, and this time it was centred around our fantastic Global Service Delivery Team, headed up by Sam Badham. 

Sam Badham LinkedIn Post for National Customer Service Week

Our Global Service Delivery Team at Business Systems are instrumental in ensuring customer projects are running and have been implemented smoothly. They are one of our unsung heroes of the customer service world! Keep going Team! View Sam’s full LinkedIn Post.

Gavin Ellis, our Technical Engagement Manager also shared with us his top 6 ways to overcome challenging customer interactions. 

Gav Ellis LinkedIn Post for National Customer Service Week

Friday 7th October – Customer Service Recognition Day

Customer Service Recognition day was all about celebrating great customer service stories. Our Head of Client Services, Hamish Cliff and our CX Transformation Account Manager, JT, share theirs. 

Download our whitepaper on the health of the contact centre to find ideas on how you can improve customer service and experience.